Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of Real Estate Photography?
We believe that better photos make better listings. However, when a potential buyer sees our photos, we want them to say “nice property”, not “nice photo”. We strive to create visual stories in your listings that focus the buyers interest on the property, not the images themselves.

What are your prices? How are your services priced?
Our services are priced according to the MLS listed square feet of the property. Above or below grade does not matter, just total MLS listed square feet. Hop over to our ordering page, click the box marked “See Pricing” pick the services, or package that you want, enter the address of the house you want to shoot and number of square feet and the system will give you a price. You DO NOT need to make an account or give any other information for an instant quote. When you are ready to place an order just follow the prompts.

For homes over 5000 square feet contact us for a custom price.

For very large properties and or commercial shoots we charge 1/2 or full day rates.

Do I have to pay before the appointment or make a deposit?
We do not charge a deposit to schedule a shoot with us. After your shoot you will receive an E-mail when your images are ready. You will then be able to preview your images. If you approve of your images you will be prompted to pay before they can be downloaded for use on the MLS, your company website, etc. Please note a charge may be due for no show appointments or last minute cancellations. For more details, please see our terms of service here.

Who owns the photos?
As per our Terms of Service we retain the rights to all of the photos we take. You are licensed to use them for marketing the subject property. The best analogy for this is music. You can buy a CD, Vinyl Record, or Digital Download of an album or song, but you do not own the music, the musician does.

Are you insured?
We carry General liability insurance, Professional liability insurance (also called Errors & Omissions), Drone insurance, and Auto insurance. Specific coverage details can be provided if necessary.

How many pictures will I get?

Unless you order an “X number of pictures” set, we don’t guarantee a specific number of pictures per shoot as every house is different.

As an example, a 3 bedroom 2 bath house could include between 19-38 pictures or more, depending on amenities.

How long until I get my pictures?
We strive to have all your pictures edited and ready for MLS listing by the next morning from the day they were taken. You should find them in your morning E-mail if we don’t get them to you same day.

How long until I get my videos?
Videos take 24-48 hours depending on type and length.

How long until I get my 2D floor plans, 3D floor plans, or 3D Tour?
2D Floor plans Generally within 24 hours of your appointment. 3D Tours and 3D Floor plans may take longer.

What should I do to have the best shoot possible?
Please see our prep list to get the home ready for your big day! Better prep means better pictures, which can translate into more offers, quicker sales, and a higher final sales price.

What is the difference between a 3D Floor plan and a 3D Tour?
A 3D Floor plan is a 3D rendering of the various floors of a home. You can only look at it as a whole, like a 2D floor plan. A 3D tour however, allows the viewer to “walk” through the house room to room as if they were there.

Do you do any other type of photography?
What, drones, videos and photos aren’t enough?!
Seriously, we would love to discuss other opportunities such a commercial and/or architectural photography.
We also take agent and broker head shots by appointment.

Something we missed?
Any other questions?
Shoot us an E-mail, text or call.