Services We Offer

Using Full Frame Mirrorless cameras we will capture your property from front to back, and in between.
We combine multiple bracketed images with flashes to provide true to life look and color. We strive to deliver images that show the truth. On that note, MLS rules prevent us from editing out permanent material fixtures such as power lines and utility poles. This also applies to damage in a house such as large holes in the wall. We can however hide loose wires in the house, such as cable TV wiring, without violating the MLS rules. Just remember, if it’s attached to the structure permanently it must be shown.

Drone and Arial Imaging:

We are fully licensed and insured for Drone photography and videography. However, we can only fly where permitted by FAA regulation. If your property is near an airport, special permission may be needed before we can deploy our drone. If for any reason we cannot fly at your site, the charges related to the drone will be removed from your invoice. We use the DJI MINI 4 PRO. We have selected this drone for its size and image quality. As a smaller drone it is quieter and less likely to upset neighbors. And yes, that can be a problem.

Floorplans 2D & 3D and/or 3D Tours (Oh my)
What are the Differences?

A 2D Floorplan is a representation of the property with measurements of the rooms.
(sample below)
Basic floor plans do not include fixtures such as sinks, tubs and toilets.

A 3D Floorplan is a representation of the property with measurements of the rooms with the walls and doorways added. (sample below)

3D Tours are an immersive “digital twin” that you can travel through using your mouse and/or keyboard.
Click here for a sample Matterport 3D tour. (will open in a new tab)

There are two different 3D tours that we offer:
1) Zillow 3D. Will give your listing preferred status on, and is less expensive.
2) Matterport 3D. Matterport created the 3D tour space and is still considered the gold standard. Matterport is more expensive as Matterport charges “hosting fees” for the 3D tours. Our Matterport price includes 6 months hosting fees.

Which one you choose may depend on the market you are after. Zillow gives preference to its own 3D tours, but Matterport is the gold standard in the field. If you are not sure which you need just ask us for help.


We offer two kinds of videos:

Social Media vertical format videos and Walkthrough Horizontal format videos.
Why two different kinds?

Different use cases…

Vertical Videos are suitable for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok and are 30-60 seconds in length. Shorter videos require less editing time and are less expensive.

Horizontal Videos are the required format for Real Estate Websites including MLS systems. Walkthrough videos are 1-2 minutes, and are shot with 4K camera, require more time to shoot and edit, so they are more expensive.

Our Vertical videos are shot with an iPhone 15 ProMax with a gimbal in 4k Resolution.

Our Horizontal Videos are shot with an iPhone 15 ProMax or on a Full Frame Mirrorless camera with a much larger gimbal in 4k Resolution. Which system we use is determined by the scope of the work and the lighting conditions.

While both videos are shot in 4k they are generally delivered in 1080p also called Full HD as most monitors and phone screens do not benefit from the extra data that 4k contains. Also, 4k file sizes are very large increasing download time for the viewers meaning they could click away if the video takes too long to load.

If you have a special use situation, i.e. you have a 4k TV in the lobby of your brokerage and want footage in 4k, we can, of course, accommodate that. Just let us know.

Any other questions? Let us know and we will be glad to help.